Seasonal Activities

There are many different reasons why many different people go camping. But the unifying motives are all the same, to enjoy a weekend where the emphasis is to have fun and to return to everyday life well rested and relieved. Some come to see and hear wild animals in their natural surroundings as they paddle through tranquil waters, others come to watch the flames of a campfire mystically dancing over the glowing embers. Regardless of your interest, there is something for everyone to experience.

Duration: March 20 to June 20
By the end of April, the tracks of a chipmunk in the melting snow can be seen and the cries of a loon can be heard from the newly opened lakes, this gives us enough evidence that spring is here. As the fishing season begins around the middle of May, the cool waters produce very active trout. Algonquin provides many superb locations to discover. Take advantage of the boundless opportunities that this season has to offer.
Advantages: No overcrowded lakes. Weather is just perfect. Great trout fishing.
Disadvantages: Biting Insects

Duration: September 22 to December 20
This is the time of year everyone has been waiting for. Plunge into the pure waters of the many warm lakes. Relax on an evening canoe paddle while gazing into the still of an evening calm. Discover the many useful plants and trees. Marvel at a Moose as it swims across an open lake. Take in the howls of wolves as you delight in a fresh cup of tea. The activities are endless in the summer This is the busiest time of the year, reserve early!
Advantages: Long days. No more Black flies. Warm Calm Waters. Many Plants.
Disadvantages: Hot Days. Mosquitoes. Tourist Rush.

Duration: September 22 to December 20
There is no other time of the year where the scenery is as astounding as this one. Breath in the crisp air as you walk through the rainbow of colours. Take a leap into the lake as you exit the heat of the sweat lodge. Take the pleasure from one last canoe voyage into the world of the past. A trip to the park this time of year is rewarding and has been a tradition to many for years.
Advantages: No more Tourists. Pleasant hikes. No biting insects. Fresh crisp air.
Disadvantages: Please let me know.

Duration: December 1 to March 19
Just because the lakes are frozen does not mean that camping is over. This is probably one of the best times of year to have the park to yourself. Snowshoe through the ancient footpaths that the Ojibwa once roamed. Picture them, hiding, almost invisible as they stalk their pray, then drying the meat over hot coals. Cherish a pleasing cup of hot chocolate, while digging out a Quince (ice cave) in the early afternoon. Admire the birds as they land on your hand while you feed them. POW WOW Wilderness Trips will bring you back to a time you forgot existed, into an enchanted wonderland of yesterday.
Advantages: Very few people. Very sunny days. Appreciation of a campfire.
Disadvantages: Colder weather. (Unless Prepared) POW WOW will prepare you!