Also known as Arctium minus.During the first year it produces only a rosette of large leaves from a long tapering root. Helps clear persistent teenage acne if taken for three to four weeks. It is an excellent blood, liver, and kidney purifier. The plant owes its reproduction to the "hook" like round seedpods, which attach themselves to animals an in turn will be carried out a distance. Offers many different vitamins including B1, B6, B12, C, E, potassium, manganese, sulfur and silica. It provides a helpful sugar for people suffering from low blood sugar, by slowing down rapid insulin production.

Medicinal Uses
Burdock root is used to treat skin disease, fevers, inflammations, swollen glands, some caners, and fluid retention. A tea made of the leaves of Burdock is also used for indigestion by strengthening the stomach. The shredded bruised leaves mixed with a well beaten egg white will relieve the pain of a burn and quicken the healing process.

Edible Uses
The first year leaves and stems are edible when prepared like spinach and asparagus. When very young, the roots can be gather, peeled and eaten raw like radishes The mature root should be peeled, boiled (to eliminate the bitter flavor) and then cooked any way desired.of a burn and quicken the healing process.