Also known as Achillia Millenfolium. The dried leaves could be put on wounds to staunch the bleeding, but may cause bleeding if poured in the nostrils. Was used by Achilles the Greek god to heal his warriors after battle. When he was a child his mother dipped him into the river Stynx to make him immortal. The waters made him invulnerable except on the heel where he was held. Achilles led the Greeks to the walls of Troy. There he was mortally wounded in the heel. Hence, "Achilles millefolium". In classical times, it was known as "herba militaris" because it was used in the war. It became a symbol of war. When worn it wards off negativity, and if held in you hand it repels fear. Yarrow Added to the bath protects from harm. The oil believed to prevent balding if hair is washed and then taken internally. The properties have the ability to keep up the strength and act as a blood cleanser Yet at the same time opening the pores.

Medicinal Uses
Chewing the leaves when troubled by toothache will frequently relieve the pain. A strong tea can be use to sweat out colds, the clue, chicken pox, measles and fevers. Finely powdered, can be used on wounds to stop bleeding. Women used it to relieve heavy menstruation. Contains thujane, which is toxic, not recommended to take too much.